• Organic matter…..38’6% p/p
  • Extract humic total…..33’8% p/p
  • Fulvic acid…..33’8% p/p
  • Nitrogen (N) total…..3’2% p/p
  • Nitrogen (N) organic…..2’8% p/p
  • Potassium oxide (K2O)…..3’1% p/p

pH: 4,6
Density: 1,2 g/cc

Radicular Application
In General
* I water the blanket
It can be poured directly, or by means of a drum with tap, on the slide itself of water. 3.0-7.0 L / ha application generally up to 40 L / Ha. The contribution can be made alone or mixed with fertilizers.
Recommended in critical stages of crop development (germination, vegetative development, flowering, fruit mooring and fruit development).