• Boro soluble in water in form of ethanolamine salt…..10’5% p/p

pH: 7,5
Density 1,35 g/cc


Boro can be applied by foliar route as on the soils of culture. It must be diluted beforehand in water before its application and can be done together with other products and phytosanitary products. However, we recommend that you perform a previous compatibility test.

Foliar Application
1-1,5 l/Ha (expenditure of 2-3 l / Ha) in spring, before forcing and another application in autumn.
200-300 cc/Ha, after the state of the leaves (from 6-8 leaves)
Vine y Parral
200-500 cc/Ha and expenditure of 1 l / Ha before the curd.
Citrus y Fruit
200-300 cc/Ha, realizing three applications in preforation to the fall of the petals and after the curdling.
100-150 cc/Ha and expenditure of 1 l / Ha to white button before preforation and another after this.
Florals y Ornamentals
250-300 cc/Ha and expenditure of 4 l / Ha at the beginning of vegetation.
1-2 l/Ha, after each cut, when it reaches 10-15 cm in height and when the first fores.


Radicular Application
In General
In presiembra or first irrigation 3-4 l / Ha, in case of moderate deficiencies the dose will be 4-5 l / Ha and for serious deficiencies will be 5-6 l/Ha