• Boro (B) soluble in water (In the form of salt Ethanolamine)…..3% p/p
  • Molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water (In the form of sodium molybdate)…..3’5% p/p

pH: 7,5
Density 1,24 g/cc

Foliar Application
1-1,5 l/Ha in spring, very important before fowering and other applications when symptoms appear.
2-3 l/ha, after the condition of the leaves (from 6 – 8 leaves)
Apply 1-2min / ha before fowering, other applications when symptoms appear.
Citrus y Fruit
1,5-2 l/Ha, making three applications in preforation and another after the fruit curd
1-1,5 l/Ha during the preforation and another after this.
Florals & Ornamentals
250-300 cc/Hl . Apply 3 l / ha at the beginning of vegetation.
1-2 l/Ha, after each cut, when it reaches 10 – 15 cm in height and when the frst fowers appear.
1-1,5 l/Ha. ha the frst application in new foliage.
Horticultural Crops
0,5-1 l/Ha. The frst application before fowering, and the second after this.
Will be applied again when symptoms appear.


Radicular Application
In General
In pre-sowing or frst irrigation 3 – 4 l / ha, in case of moderate defciencies the dose will be 4-5 l / Ha and for serious defciencies will be 5-6 l/Ha